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Register   Login, What's new ? has changed! We have enhanced user experience and added new features.For instance, guests get directly into the room. They change their nickname or set room options later on while they are in the room. Control of the player can be given to any specific attendee.

In the new release, manage your room with the dashboard: make it private, automatic… Protect your video playlists. Share control of room with all attendees…Give control to one attendee… Publish your room.


Now, tabs give you access to chat, video search, play list management, history, your private videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive and myCloud.


There is also a tab which gives status of each attendee: nickname, location in the current video, video buffering, room control, room ownership…. In that tab, room control can be given to a specific attendee, nickname can be changed.


Upload of your videos on myCloud has been improved. You get a better control and understanding of your uploads.


Access and management of your private videos on services such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive have been redesigned to make them easier and much more convenient.


Have a look, and discover how to share videos with your friends:

  • Show your video in conference mode, you control the way it is played: play, pause, change…
  • Watch videos in collaborative ways, switch off conference mode: any attendee controls player, playlist, video change…
  • Protect your videos: private mode prevents attendees to get into the room when you are away, if Private is switch off, people can get into the room even if you are not present.
  • Create your own web TV :
    • set up video playlists,
    • switch automatic mode on : videos will be played non-stop,
    • set private mode off : attendee can get into the room even if you are not in,
    • publish you room,
    • invite friends,
    • give out you room code or room link to get audience
  • Share your video captured from camcorder or webcam : upload it onto myCloud, create it a room, make it private and invite family and your friends

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