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Terms And Conditions

Welcome to the site. is a web app for viewing synchronously videos with its friends and contacts throughout the web. Along these terms of use, the appellation "" will invariably include the service on its entire meaning, the trademark, and any data displayed on the site.

Please read carefully these following terms. They govern access and use of, site and contents included. The designation "application" refers to any technical mecanism implemented to run the app. The term "service" is more generic and include the designation "application".

These conditions serve as a legal agreement between «you », as a user, and Organdia, owner of By accessing the site or using the application, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms and that you will respect their conditions.

Subscription to the service

The creation of an account can be realizes either by filling a form, that asks your name your email and a password, either through a "facebook connect". You can find how uses data it collects in our privacy policy accessible on

Liability to the service

We do not offer any warranties concerning the smooth functioning of our service. We provide it « as it is », at the user's entire risk. product is designed to work only with two video formats : flv and mp4 (with h264 video codec only)

Most of the information we retrieve is under third-party reponsibility. If this information is not accurate, under no circumstances can be held responsible.

Evolution of the service

We reserve the right to change, add or delete features, for any reason, at any time.

User behavior is a service, and can not be held responsible for the user behavior nor for the content exchanged between users. This concerns video files, be it on the web or on the cloud, and comments, through the chat tab into the viewing page, that are exchanged through

Any user that connects to through a third-party account is supposed to be the owner of this third-party account. Additionally, all the information the user provided to the third-party app is considered accurate and does not lead to a misunderstanding about the user's identity.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to terminate a user account if we consider that this user did not comply with the terms of use.

Playlists and video materials does not create any video and is not the owner of the video materials shown into playlists. These videos are available on the web and their publishers provided a clear mechanism to embed them on external websites.

However, if you, as a content owner or publisher, consider it is an infringement to copyright, please let us know from our contact form.

Similarly, the users of the service undertake to respect the intellectual property rights of the contents that they use on

myCloud and video upload is a hosting service. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any content uploaded thanks to the myCloud service.

Users of the myCloud service are responsible for the content qualification with regard to the protection of minors.

Moreover, if the content uploaded breaks the ethics policy set by, we reserve the right to delete this content, without prior notice. The account under which this content has been posted can also be deleted.

In order to optimize the service, myCloud uploaded videos that are not used regularly in sessions can be deleted after a delay of three months without use.

Agreement for receiving contents

By signing up to set of service, you understand that we can send you information such as : information about the use of and updates, promotional contents. This information should be sent through your electronic inbox or through your social networks.

Modifications to these terms

We reserve the right to modify these terms, at any time and at our sole discretion. Therefore we encourage you to check this agreement on a regular basis.

Intellectual property

The trademark, the site as well as any content displayed on the site are under Organdia ownership. Organdia hereby grants you a limited, revocable license to use the service for your personal use only.