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What is

With, extend your social video sharing and web conferencing experience. Wherever you are connected, watch videos along with your friends and contacts at the same time and interact with different tools using the rooms.

How does it work ? Select a video and create a room where you will get the session link. Invite your contacts on social networks or via mail to watch Youtube or Vimeo videos. Once they've joined the room, launch the video and everything goes as if you were looking at the same screen. Everyone connected can control the video, comment it and change it… As much as you want and whenever you want.

You and your contacts can also create and manage video play lists. If you set the room in automatic mode : play list videos will be played automatically. You can lock the playlist to avoid someone else to modify them.

You can control the room. When it is private, videos can't be played if you are not present. You can enforce a conference mode where you are the only one to control the room. You can give and remove control of the room to any attendee you want.

If you are registered, you can invite on your own online videos. You can access your YouTube or Vimeo channels and your gdrive or Dropbox accounts and even upload videos on myCloud. You will also have access to the history of your rooms to replay them.

For more information, please consult the FAQ.

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