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How can I invite someone to watch a video with me?

On home page, there is a form to search videos to watch with friend. Once you have typed any keywords, you're given a list of videos that match your request. You can click on every listed video to create a new room. You will be automatically redirected to the broadcasting room interface. There is an INVITE button in the header of the room page. You can copy/paste this link to your contacts, send it by email, directly post it to your Facebook Timeline and send it trough Facebook Messages, or even simplier, give the room code to your friends.

Can I invite more than one Facebook friend at a time?

The room links are public, anyone who has it can join the room.

My contacts can't control the video. What should I do ?

If you own an account, you can create a custom room with conference mode. In that case, make sure you allowed them to control the video with the icon, next to your contact's name. If you want everyone to control it, you can deactivate the conference mode with the switching button. Otherwise, thank you for informing us of your problem by mail.

I left the session but the contacts I was with cannot change videos or start a new session.

When you want to leave the session, use the "leave session" button. If your contact did not have the authorization to control the video, he will not be able to change video or start a new session for 1 minute. It is the time for our servers to make sure you did leave the page and that you're not encountering network problems.

Which video formats are supported when using a cloud like gdrive or Dropbox?

The supported formats are .flv and .mp4 (h264, AVC or MPEG4-PART10 for the video AAC for the audio).

Which features can registered users get ?

Regsitration is free. It offers a custom user space. You can find your latest activities (History), you can also upload your videos to myCloud, our free 5GB storage space.

How to set up comic strip speech balloons on the video ?

First, you must use in the mode where the chat tools are on the right, outside of the player. To do this you must click on in the left of the control of the to toggle to this mode.

You can then click on at the right of the chat imput field, ans then follow the instructions too chosse à balloon and grab it on the video.