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Our history and our values

The Internet is constantly changing the way we work and communicate. sprang from this statement and from some people's will to give a fun and friendly extent to the web. From the very beginning, we were convinced that what would gather people more and more was the video, whether it is in personal life or in a company's communication strategy.

We went to the idea that videos should no more be considered as something we use individually but really more as a medium that connects people around things uniting them. gives the opportunity to watch videos together, at the same time, wherever each and every one is, in order to share every idea, every emotion seizing the moment. Whether it is for entertainment or for collaborative work, enable the possibility to access this unique experience of sharing moments with others instantaneously.

All this would not have been possible without the help and support from Organdia, a technological company, real incubator of project. Organdia brought us a real expertise with its knowledge and technical skills and can be considered as a real pioneer in its domain (web videos, social media interactions...).

We truly hope that will become the number one reference when it comes to simultaneous video sharing, always in an attempt to share and gather people. That couldn't be reached without you : thank you.

For more information about the service, please check the Overview and our FAQ or send us an email.